1. What is this blog about?

Mostly the blog focuses on my exploits as a new veterinarian in New York City. I also focus on my artwork, and my love of Asian culture, food and traveling. You can find more detailed information on the About Me page.


2. What got you interested in veterinary school?

That is a very long story… But to make it short, I grew up often taking care of various types of animals and realized that I wouldn’t mind making a job out of it. My dad is also a veterinarian and has a clinic that I often helped out at. The animal world has always been pretty interesting if you ask me. I mean, how can you not be fascinated in the variety of species there are out there? They’re all amazing creatures and we rely on them for so much. It’s also apparent how much we value our pets and that extremely deep relationships can develop after having them for awhile.  They are invaluable parts of many people’s lives and I think that’s worth trying to nurture and protect.


3. What is the blog section, “Pieces of Chii’s Cake” about? And who the heck is Chii?

Mainly that part of the blog contains all of the more personal entries I’ve made. These don’t exactly talk about my life as a vet and just talk about my life and feelings at that point of time. If you want to find out a different side I show from my regular veterinary-related and artwork entries then look no further. You’ll find them there.

And just to note, Chii is a main character of a Japanese anime that I watched a long ago while I was in high school entitled Chobits. I loved the series so much that I bought the box set on DVD.


4. Can I have your e-mail address to send you a message? What about Facebook? Twitter? Anything!?

You can send me suggestions, comments or criticisms there… whatever you want, but please try to be constructive. You can reach me via my Facebook, Twitter, or preferably the Contact Me page.


5. I have a question about veterinary school/studying abroad/your experiences/etc.

Like I said before, if you have a question for me you can use the Contact Me form to send me a message. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. However, while working on this blog, I will post up as many resources as possible to help people who are on a similar path to try and guide you. My experiences here are a reflection of what I have personally been through and may not be the same in your case, but all in all one of the aims for this blog is to be helpful to people who are looking into the veterinary field. Also, if you leave a comment on one of the posts, I’ll most likely reply, so don’t be afraid!


6. Can I submit a question to be included in your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section?

Sure, why not? Just hit up the Contact Me form and put in your message what your question is and that you are submitting it to be shown in the FAQ section of the site. Of course, I’ll be screening them to make sure they’re appropriate, but if I deem it okay, then I’ll add it to this list. Now get crackin’ on those questions, people!!