Paris Baguette

Ah yes… so I just turned another year older.

They say, “Another year older, another year wiser.” Yes, that’s true in a sense. When we do get older we typically do get wiser. Through the culmination of experiences that we have had in the past year, we hopefully have learned a thing or two. Something that helped us grow in one way or another.

I am glad to be able to celebrate another birthday. Even though now I’m approaching the big triple decade mark.

I had a simple birthday. A day off from work where I got to lounge around, go out to some favorite places to eat for lunch and dinner and just relax.

My girl, who is in Korea right now, wasn’t able to spend it with me. But she did send over some pretty cool goodies.

The Birthday Box

The Birthday Box from Korea!

The Box of Cranes

Wow. 1000 paper cranes. Count ’em!

Paper Cranes

Hard to believe she made all of these things!

Birthday gift

The box containing a special gift just for me.

The Korean Snack Box

Wow. Look at all of those Korean snacks. And boy do I have a sweet tooth…

Oh, and the cake.

Oooh, how I love cake. And coffee.

So my family got a beautiful looking green-tea cake from Paris Baguette, a famous European-styled cafe and bakery that is popular in Seoul. Just a few years ago they started branching out here in New York which I was quite happy about after my few visits to Korea. They really have beautiful cake designs and while they do have some really good baked goods, I really am a fan of their coffee.

And that’s what I had. My family had gone out while I was not looking to grab this cake from there, and it was delicious.

The Birthday Cake

The Birthday Cake

So delicious in fact that I forgot to take a picture of it before I ate a slice. (You know Asians and taking pictures of food. We do it all the time. It happens so much that there’s even a blog on it.)

Anyway, a simple birthday and a good day with family. Just wished my girl was here to spend it with me too.

I’ll be having my birthday gathering with friends this weekend after I get off from work. Should be fun.

Alright, peace out guys. I am going to bed stuffed with amazing green-tea take and coffee. Here’s to another good year of life!

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