Hi blog readers!

Gosh, I really have been absent from the blogosphere for awhile… I have to apologize for that, but I’ve had a pretty busy couple of months.  A previous WordPress update pretty much left my entire blog in pieces and I didn’t really have time to try and alter and fix it until now.  A few months later after the crash I finally have some time to actually do that.

Now this is a previous layout that I’ve created which I’ve used before, but it seems pretty simple and easy to work with.  I think I’ll keep this style of blog for now, but I definitely have to fix the background and such.  Until then this layout seems pretty good. 🙂

I hope that all of you are doing well.  I’ve gone through a lot in the past few months (some events bad, but mostly good) and I am a stronger person for it.  Maybe I’ll go into detail about it later, but for now, just know that I am enjoying my time now with some new people and that I am just about 6 days until graduation.

I’m quite excited to say the least about my upcoming graduation.  Graduation here in the Philippines is long and there is a particular veterinary ceremony in the morning and then another university-wide one in the afternoon.  My father will be flying in from NYC to see the graduation.

I have the pleasure of graduating from the University of the Philippines at Los Banos’ College of Veterinary Medicine.  Through the four years I’ve been a student at UPLB I suffered some hardship with classes, relationships, and other things, but I think I’ve grown a lot.  Being here has been a blessing of some sort, and honestly it will be hard for me to leave here.

After graduating, I plan to finally move back to NYC and start my board exam studying.  I’ll be taking the AVMA approved method of applying for a veterinary license which consists of a written and practical examination, so wish me luck.

All in all, I just want to say that I am happy with things now and will be even happier when I finally get to throw my mortarboard up in the air.  With the DVM degree in my hands I can finally start on living my dream.

I’ll update you all in the coming days, but probably after Saturday which is my grad day.

Take care peeps!

Dr. Jonathan Perez

Dr. Jonathan Perez

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