Yes guys, guess WHAT TIME IT IS? It’s almost time for Christmas! Can you believe it? In just 7 more days it will be Christmas. And guess what? I’m in the airport right now about to leave for Hong Kong and then I go on a direct flight to New York City.

I’m again sorry for not posting in awhile. I’ve been busy with Christmasey stuff. Christmas parties, gift-wrapping, final exams and the like. I’ve had to deal with a lot of this stuff in the last two or so weeks and I’ve just now had the time to write a proper post on what I’ve been up to.

So I’ll be back home in NYC in just over 19 hours I believe. It’s going to be a long flight, but I think I’ll manage. I have my new netbook, my iTouch to tinker around with and my Nintendo DS to keep me company during my flight. Not to mention all the awesome movies that Cathay Pacific offers me. I think I will be alright. I just will have to figure out a way to get over that butt sore you get when you sit on a plane for more than 12 hours straight. Yeah, so I’ll just chill in the Cathay Pacific Business lounge contemplating how I’ll get around that (Yay for free WiFi and free food!)

Anyway, I don’t really have anything planned for when I get back to NY, except for just hanging out with my friends and family. I think that’s all I really go home for anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

So guys, what’s your plan this holiday season? Whether you be celebrating Haunakah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or nothing at all, I wish you all a cool, awesome and fun time. You know we all deserve it.

Take care all, and have a wonderful time this season!

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