This is actually long over due since I took this trip about 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been meaning to blog about this for awhile but just haven’t gotten around to it. Since I have a little free time on my hands, I thought I’d post about it.

Some friends at the table.

My friend Miguel is a classmate of mine at CVM and so he invited all of our rotation to come out and hang out with him at his home in Batangas. We all agreed to spend some time there since at the time we were recovering from a very long bout of exams and presentations and because it was a three day weekend.

Farm tracks!

We headed to Batangas, which is about an hour-and-a-half away from Los Banos and then saw this expansive farm. We always knew that Miguel lived on an equine farm, but this farm was secluded from the rest of the homes in the area and had a lot of land. Frankly, I was really surprised, but when we got there we got to experience a little of what they do on the farm.

The food spread was amazing!

Miguel’s family is really warm and welcoming. It was a great to have a break at his place since it was ultra cozy and the food was good! Miguel’s mom is a really good cook I have to say.

Yummy homemade food.

Just take a look at that spread! Yum!

Me at the keys.

I also played a little piano for the folks. Apparently Miguel’s mom likes piano players… haha.

Look at that horse!

Miguel allowed us do take a tour of the farm and we got to see some really cool Thoroughbred horses. These are really different from the horses that we worked on TABON back at Los Banos as these horses were huge! Also, they were clean and well-taken care of. Miguel’s farm usually raises horses and then sells them to places where they’ll get trained for horseracing.

Where did my arm go?

We did some interesting things, like doing rectal palpation and ultrasound on pregnant and non-pregnant horses. I have to say, that it’s a skill that I have to develop since I don’t do it too often, but it was still cool to do it on these nice looking horses nonetheless.

Chat and Belle with the horse.

We eventually even got to ride the horses. It was only a teaser horse so it was quite small. While the girls are small and me and the other guys felt bad riding it. It seemed really tired… ๐Ÿ™

Yeah, I look funny I know.

Miguel’s mom kept feeding us so eventually we retired to the house once again. There was a karaoke machine that we all gathered around. We kept singing and singing for goodness knows how long. Some decided to play basketball and golf while at the farm while others enjoyed the food, singing and company.

A close up of the deliciousness.

Yes, I had to do the Asian pose while doing it.

We were supposed to leave around 2pm but ended up staying until around 7pm! We definitely had a lot of fun and again I have to thank Miguel and his family for his hospitality.

The girls and the teaser horse.

Let’s hope we can do it again sometime!

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