So… this past week was Filipino Week for the Cornell Filipino Association (CFA). Basically this week entailed a bunch of events each day surrounding the Filipino culture so I did what I could to support the organization. There was everything from Filipino martial art workshops to a Filipino Night featuring prominent Filipino comedians as well an Adobo Cooking contest to top it all off.

Last night was entitled, Music Night and it featured two amazing Filipino musicians, Jay Legaspi and Matt Sia. Jay is actually a Cornell alum and Matt, although he grew up in Michigan, is currently living in New York City. They performed a lot of great songs–so many in fact that the entire thing lasted for 4 hours. It was totally worth it though. The music was amazing and I was surrounded by good friends, which just made everything better.

Since the music was so good I decided to record a couple of their songs onto my digital camera and then upload them to YouTube. Now, if you didn’t already know this about me, I am a YouTube addict and am constantly watching videos online. (This is what happens when you don’t have cable :-P). Anyway, I never actually had any videos on my personal YouTube channel so I uploaded the Jay Legaspi and Matt Sia videos. Most of the videos are of Matt and Jay performing together, taking requests and such but there is one video of Jay performing a personalized song for one of the CFAers, Jackie.

Since a lot of people asked me to upload these songs onto the internet I did, so here they are. You can access my YouTube channel by clicking on this link.

Also, I hope you all will read this blog since my RSS feed here automatically updates my Facebook account with a corresponding note. All of those videos are dedicated to CFA, and of course Jay, Matt and his fiance Marissa for supporting them.

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