So I’ve been away from the web-site for awhile, but for good reason. This past week I spent a hefty amount of time at the FIND Conference at Ramapo College in Mahwah, NJ helping to coordinate the loads of Filipino college students and speakers that flooded the campus. We got hit with a really bad snow storm, but there was a good turnout and for my last FIND Conference ever, I think it went really well. Thanks to everyone who came out, especially to those from my district who represented D4. Great job guys!

After the conference I headed down to San Juan, Puerto Rico to relax with my friends. We had a fun time snorkeling, exploring the rainforest and visiting Casa Bacardi, but unfortunately I caught the flu during the trip and ended up in bed for most of it. I did what I could, but couldn’t do as much as I wanted. So much for my Spring Break week of relaxation and vacation! Actually, I shouldn’t say that. The Saturday I was back, I was feeling a lot better and visited my good friends Danny and Marlo from NYU. We had a great day just hanging out, visiting a Jewish synagogue (which was totally unexpected), and eating dinner together, something I always cherish when I’m with those two. We had a good walk around the downtown area and ended up somewhere in Greenwich Village to eat. As always, hanging out with them is something I look forward to and I can’t wait to see them again at their graduation ceremonies this May.

This past week I set up an event for my club Asian Pacific Americans for Action (APAA) and got a performance artist from California named Kristina Wong to head the event. It was a hilarious performance with a panel to follow and we had a pretty good turnout. Kristina is a great person to talk with and extremely entertaining–if you see that she’ll be performing in your area go out and see her! She’s amazing. Thanks to everyone who came and supported the event.

Tonight my friend Olivia and I went to see a free screening of Will Ferell and Jon Heder’s movie “Blades of Glory” at the Cornell Cinema. It was my first time at the theatre there and it was a totally hilarious movie. I was glad that I could share it with Olivia since I haven’t had much time to hang out with her this past year. I saw her unexpectedly today and after obtaining free passes to the show, I decided to bring her along so we could finally catch up. And that was exactly what we did… thanks for coming out with me Olivia!

Anyway, while I was with Olivia, we got into a conversation about YouTube and some videos that we watched online. Once I got home from the movie I decided to roam around on YouTube and found an interesting channel entitled, “iChannel.” This channel shows a series that focuses on what happens when a video blog takes over a young man’s life (who is known as only “i” at this point). What’s interesting about this channel is that user’s comments and video responses to each episode can actually influence the plot of the story, making things really interesting. What happens when YouTubers get to play God in a fictional story? Well, you’ll just have to find out. Check out the channel at I’m sure you’ll be intrigued.

I have an idea for a comic right now, but haven’t actually put pen to paper yet. Hopefully the idea will be finalized and finished by the end of this weekend, so keep a lookout for that.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Hope things are going well with all of you. Catch ya later!

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