Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that a new comic is uploaded and that it features a new (maybe permanent) character in the series. By the way, B.J. is a real friend of mine and this was supposed to be uploaded a long time ago as a present to him for Christmas (yes, I know it’s long overdue).

Check it out–and we’ll see how he fares with the rest of the Pillow Book Chronicles gang.

Leave comments and suggestions on the site if you can. I love getting feedback from you guys so let me know what you think of everything.

Silly Old B.J. ... and Wisconsin
YouTube Videos Featuring Jay Legaspi & Matt Sia
  • BJ

    THANKS JON!!!!!!!!

    It’s true though, I do like cats

  • I see the site has changed a lot since the last time I showed up Jon. Good to see you’re posting comics again and I look forward to seeing more of BJ and the rest of the characters.

    You wanted me to shed some light on my knowledge of Spam bots and Anit-Spam plugins for WordPress. I don’t personally use the system you mentioned for Spam (random letters/numbers system). I actually use a plugin called Spam Karma and I’ve had nothing but good luck with it.

    You can download it here:

    I’m using it on WordPress 2.0.4 so its works fine on the 2.x.x series.

    I have it set so whenever I get a new comment on my site I get an email to my Gmail account informing me. So far only a few times has Spam Karma sent me messages to my Gmail that were spam comments but they are not posted on the site itself. You’ll notice on my site I have a recent comments section on the right side of the page, if it wasn’t for Spam Karma I’d have spam flooding that all the time but I’ve had zero problems in the past 6 months (roughly the time I’ve used this plugin).

    I know you had your eyes on the random number/letter system but I’ve never looked into it myself. I definately give the thumbs up to Spam Karma though.

    Best of luck Jon and good to see some new comics.