Today was a majorly busy day. I stayed on campus pretty much from 8am through 5pm. I started off the day with a parasitology lecture and then headed into a 3 hour lab session with presentations on pharmacological drugs and reports. After that I had some lunch and then headed into my immunology class where we were given a quiz not on things we were supposed to study, but actually on the lecture that he had just given to us a couple of minutes before. Luckily, I was paying attention so I could answer the question right. It totally threw me off guard for a bit because I was expecting him to ask some questions about the other 6 topics that we had gone over. Thank goodness he didn’t. After that I had another 1 1/2 hour pharmacology lecture which is now being taught by Dr. Estacio, who was my physiology teacher last year. She’s extremely smart and heavy into the specific receptors and drugs that are affected in animals. It’s interesting to say the least, but towards the end of the day I wasn’t feeling too well and I had a strange headache.

After class I headed to the grocery store to pick up some items, made myself a little dinner and got some rest. I’d been deprived of sleep for the last couple of days, doing my presentation for Pharmacology and studying for the Immunology class quiz I was to have today. It turned out that all the work I did last night was kind of pointless just because my Pharmacology professor scheduled us for next week to present instead of this week, and also because what I stayed up to study for the Immunology quiz didn’t even turn up. I feel like I lost a lot of sleep because of all of that, but then again, on the bright side, I was able to get all of this stuff out of the way.

Already looking forward to the weekend. Apparently, we have another 3-day weekend ahead of us because for some reason, we have Monday off. I never know why we get these days off… sometimes it seems totally random to me. But I’m not complaining. I could use that day to get some more sleep.

Anyway, the rest of the week I don’t have much, except just to get through classes. Just wanted to update this blog before I crashed again.

Now off to sweet, sweet bed…

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