Alright guys, so here it is… the new revision to the JoNPiNoY Productions web-site. It’s pretty isn’t it? I have to thank my friend Craig ( for helping me integrate this new theme into my current WordPress and ComicPress web-site setup. Thanks to his CSS/PHP knowhow, I was able to get the functionality out of the ComicPress template and also get the modern look I wanted. There are a few kinks that need to be worked out, but for the most part, this site is pretty stable. Craig and I will be putting the finishing touches to the site as time passes, but again I have to thank him for his help and expertise. He also does some dabbling in programming and game making and such so you guys should definitely check out his site. He’s definitely a multi-talented guy. Thanks again, Craig! I couldn’t have done all of this without you.

In other news, I believe that I will start a comic pretty soon. I’m still thinking about continuing with the Pillow Book Chronicles story-arc that I had started about 4 years ago, but I’ve had other ideas on my mind. While a lot of things have been spinning in my mind for the past couple of weeks, a new topic came to light lately. Just recently, a friend and I had a strange conversation about what would happen if zombies had taken over the world. Where would we go? How would we arm ourselves? What would be the best type of transportation? How would we deal with the moral dilemma of killing those who had turned into zombies? What would happen if more than 90% of the world was overrun by the living dead? And most importantly, how would we survive?

This conversation has been going on now off-and-on for days and come to think of it… it may be the very next story-arc that I’ve been looking for. Zombies have been dealt with in the media and in other comics sure, but there’s so much depth to a story like that in which I could spin it. I’m still thinking if I would make it a short series or if I should compile an entire other set of characters to take on a longer endeavor. Well, I guess I’ll have to see. Being in vet school doesn’t afford me a lot of time to draw, and to even start writing out the scripts for the comics is something that I’ll have to think about. But for now, I want to hear your thoughts. What would you think of a zombie web-comic? Would that entice you to read more if I could make an interesting story about them, or are they a tired subject? What elements would make it more interesting if you were to read it? Or, would you suggest another topic all together?

I’d love to hear some of your responses. I know it’s a kind of silly question, but hey, if zombies started to take over the world, what would you do? Tell me. Would you flee for your life or would you fight? How would you get from one place to another? What would be your weapon of choice? Where would be the best place to hold down fort?

I guess I’m just interested. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions.

Okay, I’m off to bed. I’ve got a seriously long day tomorrow…

Peace out!

A new site is born!
Long Days Just Keep Getting Longer
  • Jon

    Haha! That’s actually a pretty good idea Craig. Have you ever read The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks? It’s a pretty decent read… although it is based in fiction.

    You’re right about the zombies freezing in the arctic cold. But Brooks mentions that if they thaw out they could pose a problem again. I guess global warming is hurting your plans in a subtle way…

    And again Craig, if I haven’t said enough already, thank you so much for all of your help on the site. I really appreciate it.

  • Hey Jon, glad to see you fixed the comic-archive page on your own. Looks good.

    As for the zombie thing. I’d head North. I live in Canada but I’d toss every piece of clothing and food I could find into my SUV and head as far North as I could. As everyone knows zombies are the walking dead, so they have no body heat. They’d freeze in the arctic cold. Therefore I’d be safe long enough to make friends with the Eskimos and learn to eat whale before my food ran out.

    Of course global warming is hurting my plan.

  • Belle

    Yeah, so awkward. Hehe. But funny though…

  • Jon

    Haha, I never would’ve guessed… you leading a pack of people against an army of zombies. That’s crazy! Haha…

  • Belle

    Now i know why you asked what weapon will i have against zombie… Certainly i’l have samurai as a weapon, and oh FYI i love action, i always have them in my dreams. Some sort of fighting scene, and guess what, of course ako ang bida! Lol. Lol. Lol. I had encountered different creatures in my dreams and find myself fighting against them. Haha. If zombies are your interest for now, go lang. Suportahan ta ka. XD