Looks like another week is over! I don’t know why, but it just seems that lately time has been flying. Week after week just seems to go by and everytime I find myself relieved that another week of school is done. I guess though that it’s important when tests and more quizzes start coming by again. But for now I’m happy that another week has past.

The last week was kind of filled with ups and downs. I’ve been studying, but more interestingly I’ve been consumed in ideas for the new comic. New character designs have been popping into my head for a zombie apocalypse. I’ve decided for now that I’m going to put the PBC on hiatus (haha, as if it hasn’t been on hiatus enough already!) and start a new comic. I’ll be coming up with some characters and coming up with more storyboards and scripts. When I’ll finish with the first comic I’ll let you know.

Next test that is coming up in a week: Parasitology lecture exam.

Tomorrow, I’m going to the Philippine Carabao Center and the Dairy Training & Research Institute to collect parasites for our parasitology project that will be due in about 2 1/2 months. We’re getting a head start because in a week or two, we’ll be inundated with tests and who knows when we’ll have some free time. After the collection tomorrow, James and I are heading to Manila to get ready to attend a party for his cousin Macky who has just passed the bar to become a lawyer. His family is holding him a nice party to celebrate. It shall be full of good times. I will try and post pictures of my adventures at the barns tomorrow, collecting parasites. It shall be fun.

I will let you know how that all goes. I think that tonight I’ll be going to bed early. I’m dead tired.

Take care guys!

Long Days Just Keep Getting Longer
Parasite Collection Field Work
  • Jon

    Haha, what’s funny about your post Mr. Concerned Viewer is that I’m sitting right next to you as you type it.

    Mr. Concerned Viewer (James) will be helping me out with some of the scripts and comics. =P

  • Concerned Viewer

    That’s funny. Didn’t realize there was an I in TEAM, Jerk. I’ll be looking forward to YOUR comic strip on zombies . . .

  • Hey Jon, though you might find this funny

    Have fun sizing up your friends