So I’m here in an internet shop in the middle of Los Banos. My internet during the last few days has been down because of the crazy storm we had a couple of days ago.

The internet shop is filled with people screaming mostly because they’re playing their MMOs (massively-multiplayer online games) and it’s a little annoying, but then again, it’s an internet shop which specializes in gaming. Guess I can’t really complain there. I am in THEIR territory after all.

Anyway, there’s a lot that’s been happening these past couple of days and there will be a lot of things I’ll be doing pretty soon this week. I’ve got two exams in things like Epidemiology and also Veterinary Medicine I, and I’m also the surgeon for our upcoming surgery in our VSUR 152 class this Thursday. My procedure this week will be a gastrotomy and gastropexy operation. I just handed over my materials to my groupmate Faye who’ll be the nurse for the operation and then I headed to the internet shop to catch up on things and talk to my girlfriend and such.

Anyway, I’m gonna go now because I have a lot to do. I just came on to check on my e-mail and see how people were doing and if I missed anything important. Until next time (which I hope is soon if my internet provider will finally fix my internet at home), I’ll see you guys on the flip side.

Wish me luck this week!

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