Or at least it seems like it!

I’m sorry for not commenting on this blog earlier. Like I said before, my internet was cut off about a week and a half ago due to the monsoon that occurred here then. What happened I found out later was that the monsoon had brought down a telephone pole (might I add, it was the ONLY telephone pole in the area) near my place which happened to supply my internet. So, after a week and a half, the telephone company finally got their act together and put it back up. The people on my street were without a dial tone for their phones for that while too, and I realized during this time just how inconvenient it was for me to not have internet.

Not having the internet at my fingertips made me feel somewhat bored and disconnected from everything, but I guess it had its advantages as well. I didn’t spend time in my room as much as I did in the past and instead went out, worked out and did some other things that I normally didn’t because I was bored. But that helped in the end…. but now that I have internet I can finally talk to you all again!

Well, all in all, I have some things to do. I’m the nurse in the upcoming surgical procedure which is an IRA (Intestinal Resection and Anastomosis surgery) which means I have to go pick up some supplies later for the surgery. Also, I have to study for a surgery exam I have tomorrow! Plus I have to finish the post-lab for my physiology class tomorrow… so yeah, I’ll be quite busy tonight.

I hope everything works out. But it’s great to be back again! I hope to talk with you all soon. Take care!

Darn Monsoon!
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