Sorry I haven’t updated much about my summer classes. I’m really only taking one summer class right now and it’s really a pain. I’ve been really busy just studying, doing work and chillin’ out this summer. It’s really something. You’d think that I’d have more time to blog since I’m only really taking one class but the thing is because I have so much extra time, I actually go out and do stuff. It seems that the busier I am, the more I actually write, which is weird, but then again there are more things to talk about which are interesting.

Anyway I’m a little ticked off right now. Mostly because the schedule for my classes has somewhat changed. So much so that my classes will probably be extending until next week, which shouldn’t be the case since I’m supposed to be flying back to the US then. I really want to go home, even though it’s only for 2 weeks or so, but because of my professor (who happened to NOT show up to give us an exam yesterday), we might have to extend our stay here at UPLB to take an extra test or two.

That really pisses me off, because now I probably will have to change my flight and at this late a time, it might not be possible to get a date I want. I really want to go home and now because the professor hasn’t really stuck to the schedule, students like me who want to go home at a certain time can’t.

Grrr… that’s the one thing about UPLB. There are no set schedules. Things can always change last minute. I know it’s the Philippines and all, but that shouldn’t be an excuse. People plan their vacations and things around these so called finalized schedules and now it just hurts a lot of us. Especially those who are going to be missing a lot of things back home because of it.

Next time, I’d like for the professors and staff to notify us of any changes ahead of time. Things like this just make things difficult for the students.

Grah! (Sorry for the lame post, but I feel like I needed to vent a little bit. This is seriously screwing with my own time and itinerary here.)

Back To School Again