Sorry for not posting lately. Things have been a blur since I’ve come back from NY and yes guys, this is the start of my 5th semester here at the University of the Philippines: Los Banos.

I’ve been in class for just over 2 weeks now and so far it’s been going well. Most of the teachers I have this semester are interesting people. I’m really excited for my surgery and clinician rotations this year. This time around, I’m a junior clinician, which means I’ll have duties doing different rotations in different places around Manila and Laguna. This coming week, we’ll be finishing up a 2-part orientation at the University of the Philippines: Diliman, which is about 2 hours away from Los Banos. That means we’ll have to leave very early in the morning whenever we have duty. When me and my classmates visited the clinic last week, it was cute. It wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, but then again, there were many patients there waiting to be seen. It’s more of a modern hospital I think than the one in Los Banos (which we call Tabon), in that there were sleeping quarters, teaching classrooms, exam rooms and such there in the facility. There seem to be a lot of people there that were students learning for the board exam so that was nice to see.

Also, this semester we’re starting Surgery II and instead of just having 2 surgeries this year, we’ll start to be doing them every week. It’ll be fun, but obtaining the right animals and materials and preparing the protocols for each one will be tiring. They say that the 3rd year is “physically tiring” because you’ll have to do a lot of running around. And already I’m starting to feel that.

I will post more later about my experiences, but I have to read up for my VMED 151 class which is essentially my first medicine course here at the college. Wish me luck this sem!

See ya guys on the flip side!

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