Funny how things change within a few days. One day you’ll be happy talking to someone and the next thing you know it you’ll have a surprise confrontation come up out of nowhere.

I deal with different people everyday and it’s amazing how some of them can change in the blink of an eye. Sometimes you think you know someone and then all of a sudden you see this side to them you never saw before. Things as simple as a nice conversation can turn into a slight altercation pretty quickly.

No matter what kind of conversation it is, I always try to evaluate where the other side is coming from. Especially when it comes to outbursts. Maybe they’re mad because they’re stressed. Maybe it’s because they have too much to deal with. Maybe it’s because of problems at home. I don’t know… but everytime I get into one of those conversations I always tend to go back to the question, “Why me?”

Because honestly I think I put up with this a lot sometimes, and frankly I don’t know why it’s directed towards me. I’m a nice guy and tend to think that I’m supportive, caring, understanding and whatnot, so why do I put up with behavior like this? I don’t yell back (unless I feel it is absolutely necessary) and always try to see where the other person is coming from. (e.g. Did I really do something wrong?) But I’ve found out that in certain situations, things don’t work out so easily and well, people will just get annoyed or angry at you because they feel like it. Or maybe they want to put the blame on someone else. It’s hard to tell, but maybe they just need an outlet to vent their frustrations.

While this is all fine and dandy most of the time because sometimes people need to vent. Sure, that’s normal.

I of course (like many of you I suppose) feel like sometimes it’s undeserved. I tend to try to remember when was the last time I really got angry at someone and then I realize that it’s been so long ago. Does that mean I don’t deserve to be argued with? Probably not. Does that mean I should try to get angry at people more? I don’t think that would fit me. Should I reevaluate why I tend to get this more? Maybe.

In the game of give-and-take, how much is too much to give and how much is too much to take?

Boys Over Flowers