It’s almost noon here in Queens. I’m just sitting in my bedroom. I just woke up not too long ago and took a look outside. My outdoor deck was wet with rain from the weather early this morning. It looked like a gloomy day. That’s too bad because I had planned to go out and do some things. Maybe watch a movie or two at the theater, but with weather like this, who wants to go out?

These are the kinds of days that you want to stay in. Enjoy the warmth of the inside of your house. Maybe curl up underneath a blanket and watch a movie at home. Possibly with someone special.

It’s sad to know that part of what washed away today was my chance to actually enjoy those types of activities.

For once, I might actually go back to drawing. It’s been awhile since I’ve drawn my last comic, and there are so many more that I have unfinished, that I just need to ink and refine. I’ve forgotten how drawing was my escape from the normal world and everything in it. Sometimes I just feel like I need to get away, and putting pencil to paper is one of those things I do to accomplish that. I’ve been thinking a lot about certain things. About my friends, my relationships with other people, my family, but mostly questioning if everything in my life is balanced or not… and honestly, it’s been taking its toll on me. Today I just want to sit down and either read or put some more ideas down onto paper.

I really thought that today would be a happy day for me. But I can’t say that today is sad either. I guess right now I feel neutral about everything. Like the entire palate of my memory has been cleansed.

I guess the rain washed away more than I thought.

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