Jesus Christ, what the hell is up with my headache right now? At first, it just stemmed from me sitting in the kitchen thinking about everything that has happened lately and suddenly I felt the onset of this headache. It didn’t feel so bad at first, but unfortunately, the more I thought about what has happened recently, the more the headache started to increase in intensity.

I guess I really do think too much about trivial things. It’s funny though. The more I acknowledge how trivial these things are the harder they are to get out of my head. And unfortunately it sometimes causes me pain.

I’ll take a few aspirin or something to try to make it go away, but I’m starting to feel nauseous so I might just have to throw up first. I guess your emotions really do get to control you when they start to consume you.

God, I wish I wasn’t feeling like crap right now… ugh…

A Rainy Day