Hey guys,

Whew what a week. Just finished a day with two exams, one in Pharmacology and another in Ruminant Production. I’m really drained right now from all the studying, but the week isn’t over yet. I still have to go over my group’s Parasitology report and also a Pathology lab exam this coming Friday. The semester is ending in about two weeks and while I’m excited that it’s almost over, I’m really tired right now. All of the studying I think is getting to me, and right now I am starting to get a really big headache… I’ve been staying up too late at night these past couple of days and getting up consistently at 6am. I don’t know about all of you, but I can’t function without enough sleep. Without enough sleep my body starts acting funky. I start breaking out, I start getting headaches, and my ability to focus just isn’t as keen as usual.

But I thought that I would post a little about my day, since I really need a break. Oh, but I guess I should get back to studying now… time to crawl back into my little hole.

Wish me luck guys. I hope all of you with exams will be doing well. Take care.

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