That is all I want to say after today. So I’m sorry I haven’t been posting in awhile guys. I’ve just been really busy with school and tests and projects and what have you. And it’s driving me up the wall. Seriously, it is.

I took a Parasitology test this morning and it did not go well. It did not go well at all. We had 70 multiple choice questions and a set of enumeration to deal with at the end. All of the students in my Parasitology class really only had a weekend to study for it? Why? Because when we petitioned to move it from last Friday to next Monday (October 12th), we went through all the trouble of getting it signed by everyone in our class (60+ people), and we had the word of our professor that if we got the signatures, we would get it moved to the date we wanted which is a week from now. Instead, late Friday night when the Parasitology professors were mulling over their decision (which was weird in the first place, because there shouldn’t have been anything to mull over once we got the signatures, we thought) they decided the test was not to be scheduled for October 12th, but instead for October 5th, which is today. Meanwhile, due to a supposed Super Typhoon that was supposed to hit Friday our Immunology test, which was also to be taken on Friday, was postponed till today as well. Well guess what. The typhoon never hit us and took a U-turn for Japan. Now that’s great and all (I mean the last thing I want is for the Philippines to get hit with another Ondoy/Ketsana), but that meant that I had to study for two tests today, both of which I was not fully prepared for.

Okay, okay… maybe I was ready for one of them. For the Immunology test, which I just came back from, I believe that I did okay. I mean I was prepared to take it on Friday, but since it was postponed last minute we had to wait a couple of more days. That I’m okay with… But for Parasitology… we just didn’t have enough time. This week is just worse than the last. This week I have scheduled 5 tests, and 1 project. Two of which are over now, two of which will be held Wednesday (Ruminant Production and Pharmacology) and another test on Friday (Pathology Lab). Add to the mix a Parasitology presentation that we have to do on Friday and I’ve got a whole list of things to catch up on this week.

I know, I know… I’m complaining a little. But it just sucks that our Parasitology test was not moved to the date we asked for. It would’ve saved us time to study for the other things we have this week and we could’ve all done better on the exam. It might’ve helped some of us get exempt from the final examination, but I think after this one, a lot of people are going to have to take it. Including me.

Okay, I’m going to stop posting now. I should really get back to work. But I wanted to get all of this off my chest.

I hope all of you guys are doing well and are surviving. To all you other vet students out there… keep on truckin’ guys! We can do this.

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