Vetlympics–the one time of the year that takes place every Fall semester where CVM students from the University of the Philippines: Los Banos, actually find the time to put together spectacular performances and are able to compete against each other in the midst of the academic burden we call veterinary medicine. I didn’t go last year, because I thought it would’ve been lame to watch people perform, but since I heard I missed out on a great performance I decided to come this time. The event took place around 8pm in the CVM parking lot this past Monday, and this was to be the closing ceremony of the entire Vetlympics competition.


Sorry I’m posting about this so late–I’ve been bogged down with lots of tests and stuff. So I just wanted to post some pictures of the event here. It’s one of the only times we students at the college of Veterinary Medicine really get some time to relax and see the fruits of your labor. Actually, that’s more for people who are in clubs, fraternities or sororities at the college. I’m not in any, so I just came to watch. Haha… =P However, in the past I did help out the Lady Vets association in their swimming and volleyball competitions. They even mentioned me in their “Thank You” list since their organization was the one to host this year.

The Lady Vets for the

All in all it was a lot of fun. Me and my other foreigner friend Jennifer got dragged out to do one of the fun games of the night which included an egg toss. For some reason they needed a team of “org-less” people (meaning those who weren’t part of an organization), so they grabbed us and pushed us in to compete. Jenn and I got pretty far… we got 2nd place and lost to the Venerable Knights/Lady Veterinary fraternity and sorority (they act as one since they’re brother-sister organizations). Jenn’s last throw to me came by a little too fast and the egg splattered all over my arm since I wasn’t able to cushion it quick enough. We did pretty well though for being “org-less,” right Jenn? Hehe…

Me, James, Jennifer & Jae

There were a whole other bunch of games. Games which included who could eat a plate of food the fastest, a bingo tournament and some other things I can’t remember. Each organization that participated choreographed what they call “cheer-dance” sequences. (It’s basically what we would call cheerleading competitions in the States.) Each organization has to make a dance-sequence and they have to appeal to three judges, each of whom are connected with CVM in some way. We had a lab technician, a professor and someone who worked at a local radio station come down for the judging. Along with the points each org gained from winning the other sporting events which included basketball, swimming, volleyball, badminton, and even a beauty pageant, the points that they would gain from the cheerdancing would decide who would win the competition overall.

Andrea, Jennifer, Elma & Me

Congratulations to the Rodeo Club (who my friend James is a part of) for winning 2nd place in the cheerdance competition and 1st place overall. They definitely worked hard for it and they deserved to win.

All of the UPACS members wearing skirts... haha!


Good job to all the organizations that participated! I’ll be sure to come next year to see it all again. =)

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