Finally, it seems like this week would never end. I took my Pathology lecture and lab tests today. Luckily for us, our pathology teacher Dr. Molina didn’t ask us any essay questions. She just made the entire test (which consisted of 70 questions) as multiple choice which made my life a little easier. It was definitely easier to pick out the wrong choice out of four things instead of trying to explain everything that could happen in an essay. So I think that went alright.

However, the laboratory exam was a little difficult. Actually, it was extremely difficult. There were only 10 questions that she asked, but she gave us about 5-10 questions in each station with only about 2 minutes to answer everything at that station. The stations basically consisted of us looking into a microscope, identifying it, listing its function and 2 other questions which usually became 2-5 part questions a piece. It was a little crazy, mostly because I ended up finishing up the answers to previous questions on the test if I could finish the other questions before the time limit was over. I didn’t feel so good after coming out of the lab test, mostly because I’m not sure if I identified everything right (my mind was running 100 miles per minute at that point), but hopefully I’ll be okay.

Today was just a time to relax for me. My friend James and I went out to Burger King for lunch to chill. It’s usually our go to place whenever we are done with a difficult task (e.g. a test, long set of classes, etc.) It was a good burger. The only real place we can go for typical American food. After that we took a trip to the South Supermarket which is a huge supermarket in Los Banos to pick up some groceries. I ended up picking some fresh veggies and a new bookcase rack, as well as some new cleaning supplies. For the most part, today was just a time to veg out and have some time to myself. I spent most of the day cleaning and organizing my room and my notes for the tests to come.

Tomorrow should be fun, because I’ll be running a 5K for the annual Maquiling Challenge run. Basically it’s a run that traverses Los Banos’ huge campus. The UPLB campus is quite hilly as it connects with Mount Maquiling, which is the adjacent mountain range in Los Banos. There are people tomorrow that will be doing a 12K, but I’m not trained for such running (I actually hate running), but I thought that a 5K run would do some good. I did it last year and I was really tired and drained after about half the race, but I finished within half-an-hour which is pretty decent I think. I don’t do well on hilly terrain and I hear the course this year will be different from the one we took on last year, so I guess I should be prepared for even more damage to my knees… haha.

After that Lady Vets will be having their volleyball game tomorrow against Rodeo Club. They asked me to play and I think I will. If I’m not too drained from the run, that is.

Hmm… alright I probably should get to bed, even though it’s only 9:45pm, mostly because I have to wake up at 4:30 tomorrow to get ready for the race at 6am.

Wish me luck guys!

Two More Tests To Go!
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  • Jon

    Only if Doc Meme reads this blog, James… only if he reads this blog…

  • Concerned Viewer

    Isn’t the blog name a bit of a misnomer? Shouldn’t it read “The PhilAm 2 Vet Student”?