Hey to the girls in my VPHM 141 group.

Here you’ll find the two articles I’ve found for our topics. Click below to download each of them:

  • For Opioids: Taken down
  • For Anticonvulsants: Taken down
  • An additional article on Anticonvulsants: Taken down

Although we only need 2 articles, I’ve printed out all three and will skim them tonight. I’m sticking with the first article for Opioids, but will have to choose between the two articles that I’ve uploaded here for the Anticonvulsant journal article we’ll be using.

Also, I must note that this page will be temporary and therefore will be taken down after our presentation is over. That means, if you want a copy, be sure to download it now and not after this Wednesday.

Thanks and I’ll see you all in class.

**EDIT — Since it’s past the deadline the articles have been taken down as scheduled. If you need them you’ll need to come to me during class. =)

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