So guess what everyone? I’m studying!! Hahaha…

Alright, alright… so what’s new. I’m in the middle of a 3-day weekend right now and I’ve got a test and quiz coming up. One in Zootechnics 115 – Ruminant Production and the quiz is on Immunology. I’ve been taking some time out to study for both of these courses and will post up some interesting information about it once I run through the material and feel somewhat comfortable about it.

I had my Veterinary Pharmacology test on Thursday evening. I have to say that it took a long time (the test was scheduled for an entire hour and a half) and I pretty much was writing till the end. However, I knew the material pretty well so I think I’ll be fine with that test. After that I took a short trip down to Manila with James’ to run some errands, get a haircut, relax a little bit before the next round of exams and go home the next day.

Last night I hung out at James’ apartment for some dinner (thanks for the free food dude!), a movie (Kill Bill, which I had never seen before) and to hang out with my friends Faye and Belle. We spent a couple of hours watching movies, talking, playing cards, watching funny internet videos and showing each other some cool tricks. Hey Faye and Belle… I know that you’ll be reading this, so I want to ask you something: How do you think works? How did it know all of those scary little things about you? Hahaha… I’m sure you’ll figure it out someday.

Today I woke up around 8am, had a banana and some milk and started studying again. I’m almost through running through the Zootechnics 115 material. Right now I’m learning all about dairy production and learning about certain attributes and advantages and disadvantages to each breed of dairy cattle. Here’s a little tid-bit you all may be interested in: So you know that black and white cow that you typically see on most milk cartons? That is what you would call a Holstein-Fresian cow. They are known for producing the highest amount of milk in a lactating period with very low milk fat and are also known for being a good choice for beef and veal products as well. It’s like the best of both worlds in the cattle product industry. The only thing that sucks about the cow is that it suffers from heat intolerance, meaning that it wouldn’t hold up very well production-wise in a country like say, the Philippines. ๐Ÿ™‚

Alright, before I go back to studying, I just wanted to let you know that a few changes will be happening in the next few weeks or so. The site as it is now is very stable, but it will be going through a couple of design changes. My friend Craig, has decided to help me tweak this web-site a bit, and with his coding help I’m hoping to make this site a little more modern looking. So while all of this internal renovation is taking place, I’ll try to keep the site open… but don’t be surprised if there’ll be a day or two when the site is down.

Talk with you all soon.

So Much To Do!
VPHM 141 - Veterinary Opioid Analgesics & Anticonvulsants
  • Belle

    Yeah it was freaky though… And oh i also figured out, you don’t know faye’s boyfriend. FYI, it’s simon paulo. (Even though at the back of your mind you’re saying ‘it doesn’t matter’. Haha) See you in class.

  • Belle

    Yeah. It was freaky though. I just woke up and guess what, i’m still on page 6 of the handout. Gees. See you in class!

  • Jon

    Oops, you figured out my secret. It was freaky when I did it to you girls though, wasn’t it? Hahaha…

  • Belle

    Hey yah jon. We already figured it out. You cheated on us. You’re the one typing the answers! You’re pressing period while typing the answer, right? Hmmn, clever.
    Good luck on the test tomorrow! God bless.