It’s amazing how this week has turned out. Just took a surgery final for the lecture and lab yesterday and today I finished up our final for VETC 171, which is Clinics 1. It is a mandatory final, since each of our rotation heads grades each and every one of us during our respective duties. The final wasn’t that hard, and hopefully everything went well with everything I’ve taken so far.

So I have the weekend coming up. I have one more final coming up and it’s going to be probably one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) final that I’ll have to take. Only one person got exempted from the final and she only just made it to the exemption line. As for the other 99% of us we have got to study. And it’s for Veterinary Medicine I. There are so many diseases and so many treatments and medications that we have to memorize. Not only that but we have to study all the alternative methods of treatment which includes acupuncture, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and the like. I really do enjoy the course, but it’s a lot of info, and I’ll definitely be needing all of the time this weekend to prep for it.

Plus, of course I have something to look forward to. The next morning I’ll be flying out to Hong Kong to take a well needed break. I think it will be a fun time.

So it’s time for me to work hard. To leave you guys off though, here’s a picture of my cat peacefully resting on my work desk while I write this blog.



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