So today’s been kind of a long day for me. Just yesterday I took my first final which was in my third and last veterinary physiology course, which specializes in reproduction and endocrinology. It was a tricky 76-question true or false exam and both of my professors are known for being really unpredictable in this area. I stayed there in the classroom for almost 2 hours making sure I had put my best answers down.

I spent most of the morning being anxious about the results. I was going to wait until around 10am to head to college and see the results myself, but then I cracked and then just texted one of my professors and asked her what my standing was. About an hour I got a response that said, “Hey doc amie here. you passed 143. yehey”

And then I had the biggest smile on my face.

However, I found out later that some of my friends weren’t so lucky though. But of course I won’t go into that…

So, in a good mood and with it still being somewhat mid-morning, I decided to go down to Alabang in Manila to get a hair-cut (my hair was crazily long because I had not had the time to cut it these last few weeks) and also to pick up some needed supplies for my trip to Hong Kong. Once I got to the mall, I got some new clothes, got a new haircut and then also picked up some things for my iPod which I’ll be needing for my flight over.

While I was at Tony & Jackey’s, the Korean salon that I usually frequent for my cuts, I found out that my favorite senior hairstylist Lily was going to be leaving soon for Korea. Lily, is the sweetest Korean stylist I have ever had and she’s always made me feel at home whenever I went to see her, even with her broken English and funny mix of Tagalog and Korean. I’ve been going to her for over a year now and everytime she sees me she always has a big smile on her face and welcomes me with open arms. She’s also very good at what she does. I have rarely come out of there less than 100% satisfied. So it basically broke my heart that I would have to say goodbye to her for the last time. When I left I gave her a slightly bigger tip than I leave her usually, and she gracefully bowed and handed me a parting gift which is seen below.

Lily's Gift

Lily’s Gift

Last night, after my final we celebrated my friend Pam’s 21st birthday. I keep forgetting how young the other students in my batch are… I remember when I turned 21. My two guy friends brought me to a bar at midnight and we shared my first legal drink. It was simple, subtle but utterly satisfying. This time around there wasn’t any alcohol, much because the drinking age here is 18 and all of my friends have already started drinking legally already, and it was nice. My friends came over, we had a BBQ and had some fun playing some games (e.g. Twister) and watched some TV shows, music videos (Korean of course… :P) and a movie. And of course there was cake. Very good, scrumptious chocolate cake. Yum!

Pam, the birthday girl and Micah.

A simple night out, but it was great. A good break to be had by all. ๐Ÿ™‚

Uno Stacko!

And now I’m home and just had dinner. I just got off the phone with my girlfriend. My girlfriend j, is about to hop on a jet plane at this very moment to head to Hong Kong. She’ll be heading there a week earlier than me to hang out with her family and stuff. As I mentioned before, I’ll be heading there this coming Tuesday morning, after I finish up my last round of finals.

Gettin' a little crazy there girls...

So alright folks, I’m gonna just go read some more notes for my other finals and then maybe eat some ice cream and head to bed. I’ve got upcoming surgery, clinical rotations and veterinary medicine 1 finals to worry about so wish me luck with those!

Yeah, flattering picture of me, right?  Oh, by the way that's my friend Margaux.

Now I shall leave you with this very flattering picture of my friend Margaux on a Twister mat.

Margaux, smile for the camera!

Good night ya’ll!

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