Sorry I haven’t been able to post lately. As usual, I’ve been ultra busy with school, but I finally finished the week as well as this week’s surgery and have a small break to write about things. I just had dinner and wanted to take a break from things so here’s what I did this past week.


This past weekend I was told about a senior vet med students wildlife field trip that they were doing for their wildlife elective. Since they had an extra seat available on the bus I was able to tag along!

We took a trip to Manila first and visited the Manila Zoo. The job that was assigned to the students in the class was to take a look at the the multiple animal enclosures in the zoos and characterize and rank them according to how effective they were in keeping the animals and also how good they were in making them comfortable. The Manila Zoo when I entered seemed like an alright place. The infrastructure of the zoo didn’t seem too nice when I first entered and although they had a wide variety of animals the zoo itself wasn’t that big. Me and the other seniors were able to cover the entire park in an hour. I was a little disappointed with the layout of the park, but it was a zoo so I had fun looking at all the animals. There was an amazing elephant that greeted me at the entrance and they had some great tiger and lion enclosures.


After that however, we ate some lunch at the zoo eatery and at around 11:30am we headed to the next zoo, Avilon which is located about an hour-and-a-half away from the Manila Zoo.

Some awesome Halo-halo at the Manila Zoo!

Avilon on the other hand was a zoo with a seemingly great infrastructure and layout with great organization. The zoo much reminded me of what I saw at the Singapore Zoo as the zoo was huge, but of course the Singapore Zoo was much nicer and had many more rare animals. However, out of all the zoos I have seen in the Philippines, Avilon seemed the best funded and best laid out in general.

At the entrance of Avilon.

The visit to that zoo took us about 4 hours but it was fun walking around and getting to see all the rare animals. They had a large aviary filled with many different types of raptors and other psittacine creatures. I really love birds, so it was nice to see a large variety of them in one place.

Overall, Avilon had a great layout with some great paths, but in general, the enclosures that kept the animals in were not up to par. It was quite surprising since Avilon seemed to have more funding, but in general the cages and containers that they kept the animals in were small and somewhat unkempt. The animals in some of them did not seem comfortable, but since the layout was nice I don’t think a lot of people thought much about it.

The senior vet students look on!

After the 4 hour trip through the zoo, we were totally exhausted. We had left at 6:30 that morning from Los Banos, so at around 5pm we were already pooped. Me and the wildlife class then headed home which took another 2 hours.

Me and my friend Chat had dinner that night after the trip and that was quite nice too. Since then though I’ve been bogged down with exams, classes and surgeries to worry about.


Today I just finished leading our surgical team in doing a femoral, tibial and joint capsule exposure. After dinner I came home and now I’m going to take a break. I think I might hit the sack soon though. And it’s only 10pm… haha.

Anyway, I hope you liked my short story. I’m feeling like I’m not that coherent right now and my eyelids are drooping. I think that means I should get to bed.

Catch you guys later!

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