Hyperthyroid Mouse

Hyperthyroid Mouse

So this week has been a blur. I say that a lot I know, but seriously, I look at this past week and ask myself, “Where the hell has all the time gone?” This week, if you haven’t already guessed, has been extremely busy for me and it won’t stop until probably until Friday afternoon.

A break down of my schedule is as follows for classes during a typical week:

11-12pm :: Pathology Class
12-1pm :: Lunch
1-2pm :: Epidemiology Class
3-4pm :: Surgery II Class
4-5pm :: Veterinary Medicine I Class

7:30-10:30am :: Pathology Lab (Tuesday)/Epidemiology Lab (Thursday)
10:30-12pm :: Veterinary Research I
12-1pm :: Lunch
1-2:30pm :: Physiology III Lecture
3-6pm :: Surgery Lab & Pre-operative procedures (Tuesday)/Surgery Lab (Surgical Procedure Performed)*
*The time we get out of surgery varies depending on the procedure. Sometimes we go overtime… some groups have stayed as long as up to 10pm.

Friday or Saturday
9am-4pm :: Clinical Rotations

I pretty much leave home around 7am each day (except Mondays) and don’t return home until 5 or 6pm (if I’m lucky). By that time I’m exhausted and tired from all the class, but after I get home of course I have to study and complete any assignments that have been given to us. For today, I had to finish a Physiology post lab for two experiments (which takes about an hour or two), and tonight I have to study for my Physiology III lab exam tomorrow. Not only that, but I have to complete an epidemiological case report review which is due tomorrow morning.

Add reviewing the procedure for the surgery we’re doing tomorrow (since I’m assistant surgeon) and I’ve got a packed night ahead of me. Not to mention that I have to go running around trying to find animals for our labs and also that I have the dog I castrated in my room with me which I have to take care of until next Tuesday (since that’s when our professor checks the status of our animals after surgery). Oh, and I just remembered the literature review and outline that I have to do for my thesis (which I haven’t even been able to start yet) and a clinical case report and presentation that I need to go over, review and refine for my first draft submission which is due soon.

AHHHHH! Someone shoot me now! Let’s just hope I’ll be able to get some sleep tonight!

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