New Design

New Design

So while having dinner tonight I decided that my blog site should look a little different. Don’t really know why I thought it should have a new layout, but I decided to go for it since it’s been something that’s been in the back of my head recently. I like the site the way it is, but I guess I just wanted to do a little tweaking and see what I could come up with.

So there you go… a new lighter background with some changes to the header. A picture of Wonder Girls and some dogs to show my love for both animals and Asian culture (and I guess an emphasis on KPOP… haha). A new picture of me and a slightly new description is up, but the rest is pretty much the same. I’ve always loved dark backgrounds, but I decided that for now, it’s time to lighten things up.

So here’s a twist on something that’s been here awhile. Let me know what you think!

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  • Kendra

    LOVE the paw prints!! :)