So a lot of new videos are coming out this month of March 2009 and they’re really hot. Especially for girl group After School, with their new release of their new single, BANG! After School is an eight-member girl group managed by Pledis Entertainment. The group debuted in 2008 alongside Son Dam Bi, who happens to be their label mate. Now famous member UEE joined shortly after their debut. Through the last two years, there were many changes and additions to the group members, as member SoYoung left the group in the Fall of 2009 to pursue other interests, leading to the addition of both Raina and Nana. For their new song release, they have also featured new member Lizzie, who has been preparing to debut with the group for some time now.

New songs and Korean girl groups are pretty common nowadays, with everyone trying to one-up each other. However, I believe After School has done an amazing job in keeping the bar high with their new song, BANG! Check out their comeback videos below:

Let’s do it!


So like I said, new groups like SNSD, KARA and T-ARA are doing their best to keep up with the forever changing Korean pop music scene with new concepts for their videos and new types of music. However, After School has done a great job in their newest single BANG! with their concept of a marching band with a hip-hop style. I have to say, I never thought in a million years that girls in a marching band could be so hot. But I guess now, After School has proved me wrong. 😛

There’s such a powerful style emanating from the group, especially from members Kahi and Bekah. Bekah’s rap is amazing and Kahi has just a strong feeling behind her when she’s dancing and singing. The rest of the group members are not to be forgotten however, as without them this video would not be so addicting to listen to with their looks and vocals. Oh, and also who can forget Raina… my God girl, when you bought that note all the way down and brought it all the way up again I got goosebumps. Seriously. <3

Unfortunately though, UEE will not be participating in the promotions of this new album except for the live comeback stages. Once those are done, new member Lizzie will be filling in UEE’s place for the time being, since UEE’s drama filming schedule conflicts with her music duties at the moment. If you notice in the Let’s do it video, there are only seven After School members participating instead of eight. You’ll find that UEE is not participating in those performances either. So good luck to UEE in her drama filming and the other members of After School in their new promotions!

Every girl group in South Korea right now should be on their toes. After School has just raised the bar a little higher. I expect these girl to be winning some awards soon when they start performing their new hit

Finals are still going!
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