Yessir, finals here are at the University of the Philippines: Los Banos are still taking place and guess what? It’s HARD! Hahaha…

So, I took a Pharmacology final on Wednesday, which really sucked. It was basically an exam made of 3 professor’s parts, so in essence it was 3 exams in the span of an hour. 3/4 of it was alright, since at least it was multiple choice, but then again, there was a whole part that was solely identification so if you did not go over any of the material there, then you would’ve been sunk. Afterwards though I got some information from my friend Belle who’s part of an organization at the college and she had heard from one of her professor friends that me, her and a lot of other friends passed Pharmacology. But the mortality rate? A whopping 48%. That’s almost 30 people, I believe. Gosh, they’re really making it hard for people…

Anyway, yesterday I had to go through 2 final exams.  One for the surgery lecture and one for the surgery laboratory exam.  I’m crossing my fingers that I passed, which I think I did because I knew most of the material on the exam.  The lab part kind of flustered me a little bit but hopefully I did well on that too.  The surgery final wasn’t as hard as it could have been, and I’m grateful for that.  I spent a lot of time the day prior for that final so I’m hoping I did well.  My average is already above the needed score to pass, so I basically just need to make sure that this exam is at least passing or at least not too below passing.  But I’m pretty sure I aced the lecture part. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, I believe that I have to take two more finals and that’s in Microbiology and Parasitology which are this coming Monday and Tuesday respectively. I’m going to get cracking on them today, but last night I took a break and worked out (which I haven’t done in awhile) and also enjoyed some good food.  Today I’m still resting a bit and will run some errands before I start again.

I have a package in the mail right now waiting for me so I just have to pick it up.  I think it might be some Wonder Girls merchandise that I ordered awhile ago.  So excited to pick it up!

Okay, gonna go get on those errands. Catch ya later!

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