…and all I can do is ask you to believe me. This is all very hard for me, it really is.

There are times when I want to tear my hair out. It gets so very difficult sometimes that my patience is tested–to the brink where I actually think I’m going to break. I’ve gone over that threshold so very little times, but when I do it isn’t very pretty at all.

Being half-way around the world from the one you love is very difficult. I can definitely attest to that. But one way or another you figure that if you love someone the way that I do, that you’ll get through everything alright. No matter how many twists and turns there may be. I lose a lot of sleep over it, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

But even then, there are always going to be roadblocks that really test your faith. So at these given points I have two options:
–I either let them take me down, or…
–I bust through them like what a 300-ton wrecking ball does to a small 3-story building.

I’m opting for the second one. Here goes nothing…

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