I got my final grade in Pathology today and I passed the final lab exam. And I ended up in the toppers list for the lab! Isn’t that great?

What isn’t great is that I now have to study for a Pharmacology laboratory exam tomorrow that encompasses pretty much half of the semester. What bugs me is that some of the material we went over wasn’t covered in our labs, it was covered during our lecture. Which doesn’t make sense to me because we should only be tested on things we’ve done in lab for our laboratory exam. That’s why we have lecture exams–to test us on material that we’ve learned in lecture… not in lab. Get it?

Ah, while I know that I’ve passed one subject, I still have to worry about another exam and possibly another two exams this week. Since it’s the final two weeks with finals and all, I have to worry about a lot. So I should hit the books.

Good luck to those ending their semesters as well! Work hard!

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