Hey guys,

A new piece of artwork is ready for upload, so I’m sorry for all the hiatuses. It’s my last year of college, and well–things have been a bit hectic. This piece is a special piece since it’s something that I created for a literary magazine called LIKHA, a Cornell Filipino Association project. It features new characters and is really a short story so I hope you enjoy this little break away from the norm.

Today, after a whole day of class and strenuous studying I ended up taking a break and pulling out a random DVD from my collection to watch. After brushing off the dust on the cover I realized that it was my 6teen DVD that I ordered from Canada over a year ago. I popped it into my computer and realized how much I loved the series. Being all nostalgic and all, I popped into the 6teen.ca site and forums to check up on how things had been going. Once logged into the forums I was bombarded with Private Messages (PMs) from members that I had known and talked with long ago. All of them mentioned that they missed me and hoped that I would become active again. I really missed everyone too and this forum is the only place that I was able to connect with fans of the series all over the world.

It was a great experience being part of the community and so here’s a shout-out to all the 6teen.ca forum members out there. The site is still striving and kicking and I plan to come back with full force. You guys totally RULE!

Anyway, here’s your new artwork. Enjoy!

Happy New Year! And Goodbye!