Hey everyone,

A new comic is in the works as usual. So that’ll be out by the end of the week. Tomorrow I have a prelim I have take, and the next evening I have to help supervise an Asian event on campus entitled “Asian Film and Karaoke Night.” It should be a lot of fun, but that means I’ll be busy with a couple of things this week. However, I do have something special planned for you guys, and when I finish it, it’ll be uploaded to the site and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

I’ve been doing a lot of work these past few days, but I’ve also been getting a ton of sleep, which is a nice thing to have, especially since it’s such a rare commodity for Cornell students. That means that I’ve either been in class, in bed, or locked in my room finishing up everything I need to do. But I did have a couple of things to accompany me. I’ve taken the liberty to see all the Disney movies I can, since I’ve been kind of deprived as a child and it’s been quite enjoyable. I’ve even watched the sequels to famous Disney movies that Disney is so fond of. Things like Mulan 2 and The Little Mermaid 2 were things I watched these past few days, and they weren’t so bad. Of course they weren’t as good as the original movie was, but that’s just expected.

Also, I watched an entire season of Pokemon while I was finishing up some projects. When I was younger I was a real avid fan of the Pokemon games and TV show, and I took the liberty to videotape every episode I could back then when the series was running in it’s first two seasons. I loved the games and shows, but ever since the franchise got into more versions of Pokemon (e.g. Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Leaf Green, Fire Red–pretty much everything after Blue, Red, Yellow, Gold and Silver) I kind of lost interest and thought that Nintendo was just milking it for all its worth. I think they’ve added more than 200 more Pokemon to the original 151, which makes the total somewhere around… 350? (Okay, so I just looked it up and there are actualy 386 total pokemon, so I was pretty close :-P) Anyway, since I’ve gotten my Nintendo DS, I just started getting into it again. I’m currently playing Pokemon Sapphire and seeing that most of the gameplay hasn’t really changed and the new Pokemon in the game actually give more depth and complexity to the game. It’s not just a kids game, and I’ve been enjoying it during my breaks in work. Also, the season of Pokemon that I just watched was pretty enjoyable as well. It’s still the same plotline pretty much (Ash goes on a journey, Team Rocket messed with him and his friends, Ash and friends take them out and finish what they were doing in the first place), but the battle scenes are still pretty cool to watch. I sometimes wish that I lived in a world of Pokemon, because it would just be more fun to go off into the world to do your own thing with cool friends with great powers, but hey, that’s just me.

Anyway, I should get back to work. I have to get back to studying, but I’m not really worried about this prelim I have tomorrow. Maybe I’ll put in a short game of Pokemon before I go back…

I’ll catch you guys later, hopefully with the new comic in hand! Take care!

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