Gosh, it just seems like test after test is creeping up on me and the work needed to cover all of these upcoming tests is increasingly piling up. I’m starting to feel inundated with it all.

My parasitology lecture exam, which is supposed to be held this Friday, is being petitioned by the students to be held on Monday, because they need more time. At first I wasn’t so sure I’d sign the petition (last time the students came up with a petition, I felt like many of them were trying to take advantage of a professor’s goodwill) but under the current circumstances I think we all have a good reason to move the exam. One specific handout for the class (which covered parasitic protozoa) was supposed to be handed in to the copying center this past Sunday, but alas, it never made it there. Add that to us having Monday off for National Heroes Day, and the notes not even showing up there when school reopened on Tuesday meant trouble. That means for the supposed test that we were supposed to have Friday, we were missing about half the material that we had to study. The notes finally made it out today (Wednesday), and to my surprise, they encompassed 40 more pages of dense material we had to cover. FORTY PAGES. WITH LESS THAN THREE DAYS TO STUDY. Now I could’ve used my notes, but most of my notes (and all of my classmates’ notes it seemed) were incomplete because our professor flashed through many of the slides in class. Because of the delay of the notes coming out and the magnitude of the packet we received, I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that I was happy to sign that petition.

In the following weeks I’ll have to deal with a Pathology lecture and laboratory exam, as well as a Zootechnics (Ruminant Production) lecture and lab exam as well. Add in an unscheduled Pharmacology lecture exam in the mix (the time for that to happen is still unannounced) and I have a crap load to do over the next few weeks.

Gosh, will someone save me already?

Grrr… I guess it’s time to get my head back in the game. That means it’s time for me to hit the books. I’ll post back here when I have time… or when I’m about to lose my sanity. Whatever comes first.

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