Hey guys,

So I’ve had a good weekend. It was full of good friends, good places and good times. My friends James and Rosebelle and I headed over to Manila and visited Alabang and Fort Bonifacio. We only spent a night there with James’ cousin’s family, but we had a pretty relaxing time. When we got there we met up with Tanya, James’ cousin, at the Festival Mall and caught GI Joe at the nearby Alabang Town Center. Although I was thinking that the movie was going to be garbage because of the trailers, I was pleasantly surprised. They totally did not follow much of the original GI Joe story, but they actually HAD an interesting story to tell, and the action sequences were pretty cool. It was a good movie to end the week with. The next day, we went to Fort Bonifacio High Street for some good food and to explore a little bit. James was meeting up with a long-lost cousin of his, so Rosebelle and I decided to go and explore the High Street by ourselves. We ended up at a Timezone arcade place in the adjacent Market Market mall playing games. She’s an arcade fan, just like me, so it was pretty fun tearing up the scene. She totally kicks my butt at those basketball shooting games, but I swear it’s because she’s short and therefore can set up the perfect arc. My shots are always too high and always hit the upper wall of those machines. (But really, I’m making up excuses… that girl is really good.) ๐Ÿ˜› After that, we ended up at Abe’s Filipino restaurant on the High street which was amazingly good. I treated Belle out to lunch and we had some amazing Filipino food with a side of fresh mango shakes. James met up with us and afterwards we ended up at the Timezone on the High Street playing for another hour. (Haha, Rosebelle really likes arcades.) After that we headed back to Alabang to pick up our stuff and headed back to Los Banos.

We went back home last night because this morning I was to compete against the other veterinary organizations in a competition we call Vetlympics. When my girlfriend visited about two weeks prior, they had held the beauty pageant part of the competition as an opening ceremony, but now the actual games have already commenced and today was the day that the swimming competition was to be held. So this morning I got up and headed to the pool at around 8am. The Lady Veterinary Studentsโ€™ Association asked me to compete in the competition since they needed two guys to be part of their team. Since they don’t have any guys in their organization, they asked me and another friend of theirs to help them compete. It was to be a relay competition and we had 3 players to our team. There were 5 organizations present to compete. So we went and ended up placing 4th out of all the other teams. Not bad I guess… but not great… but hey, I was never a strong swimmer to begin with. I did it to help the Lady Vets out, especially since they would’ve gotten a zero score if they couldn’t form a team. At least we didn’t place last!

In other news, we were told this morning that our pharmacology test, which was originally scheduled for this Wednesday ended up being scheduled instead for tomorrow. My friends James and Rosebelle and I were not aware of this change, so after the swim meet we went home to get acquainted with the material that is going to be on the test. It’s a little jolting when changes like this happen so suddenly. One of the problems I find with some teachers is that they are not definite about the scheduling of tests, and in the end, the students end up paying for it because when they finally do decide, we barely have any time to study for them. I’m going over the material now and it doesn’t seem to bad, but there’s a lot of it, so I’m going to be taking most of the night to memorize all of it. Bleh…

Anyway, other than that, James and I did some grocery shopping this afternoon and I just cooked myself some delicious chicken teriyaki stir-fry with white rice. I’m quite happy with myself and pretty content from tonight’s dinner. If there’s anything that makes me happy, it’s a good, warm, well-cooked meal. I’m learning new recipes all the time, so it’s good when one of them comes out really well! I have some left overs and will probably consume them tomorrow for lunch… Mmmm…

I’m off to study some Pharmacology now. I’ll let you know some interesting things if I come across any. Until then, wish me luck on tomorrow’s test!

A Parasitology Lesson
So Much To Do!
  • Belle

    Oo na sa arcade lng. Boo k rn. Hehe.

  • Okay, well I was close… I’m just so used to calling you Lady Vets! I’ll update the post to reflect those changes.

    Hahaha, and yeah I can’t beat you at those arcade basketball games. Boo.

  • Belle

    I may be short, but heck you can’t beat me. Lol.

    Wish granted jon, since you already done a bunch of things and favors for our org, you’l SOON be an official honorary member of LV together with the other guys. By the way, our orgs name is LADY VETERINARY STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION. not lady veterinarians. Haha.
    Thanks much for your help and support. ๐Ÿ˜€