This past Saturday, November 20th, was my birthday. My 25th birthday to be exact.

Texas Roadhouse Grill

I didn’t mention this fact in previous posts because I initially did not really want to make my birthday a big deal. The fact of turning a quarter of a century did not seem like a big milestone to me… in fact, I kind of was embarrassed since I was getting so old.

A cat roaming around the clinic.

But I realized that it was still something to celebrate and that getting another year older wasn’t something to be totally sad about. Getting older just means becoming more mature and also getting to experience new things. Just like what happened during my birthday.

Me acting embarrassed being surrounded by girls.

I was assigned veterinary junior clinics the day of my birthday. So I had clinic duty between 8am and 5pm that day. I was a little scared to start duty again since we had a large break between duties at Diliman and I was worried that I had forgot something, but it was great. We had a new supervising doctor there, Dr. Oronan which added to my worries a bit. But work turned out great! The pace of the clients coming in was steady enough so that I always had a case to take care of but also not too many clients at a time that I felt overwhelmed. I also did a lot of x-rays which was great. I saw the x-ray technician do pregnancy diagnoses, help take shots of heavily broken bones and also see quite a bit of collapsed tracheas. And Dr. Oronan happened to be a really great, understanding doctor. And it happened to be his birthday that day too! We got along really well.


After work, it was off to the Fort where I offered some of my friends dinner to celebrate my birthday. We went to Texas Roadhouse Grill for some steak and fried food (which I had been missing for awhile) and celebrated with my friends James, Kamille, Juca and Chat.

When dinner was over, James and I said good-bye to the girls and went off to celebrate in a slightly more mature way for my 25th birthday at some bars and clubs. From the Fort, we traveled to Fiamma and then Icon, both in Makati City to have a couple of drinks and celebrate with my friends Isabelle, Omar, Charlotte and many others. Here are some pictures from the party.

At Fiamma.

Isabelle, Carol and me.



Everyone's having fun!

Me acting silly.

The next day, I had lunch with James, headed to M Cafe (the Ayala Museum Cafe) for coffee and drinks and then headed to Alabang. I arrived back here to Los Banos later Sunday night.

An overall tiring, but totally enjoyable experience, my 25th birthday was definitely memorable. I just wish I could’ve had my family, friends and girlfriend here personally to celebrate with me.

But thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday. I really had a fun time.

What’s the most fun thing you’ve done on your birthday? Let me know… I’d love to hear about it!

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