Ah, so it has come. The last two weeks of class. I am not anticipating this one bit.

So it’s the last two weeks of class. This week I’ve had a slew of exams and I have my final Pathology exam tomorrow for lecture. There’s a lot of material, but I’ll get through it and finish it today.

Today’s the only day that I can say that I have a break in all of this craziness. The upcoming week will be much like this one in that I’ll probably be taking a final exam once at least every day. There will also possibly be an exam the following Monday.

What’s getting me through all of the studying?

I’m going to Hong Kong baby! And the best part is, that I’ll be meeting up with my girlfriend there for about 4 days of rest and relaxation!

I’m really excited about this trip, because it’s really just the thing that I need to unwind. And seeing my girlfriend, who I haven’t seen in a couple of months is just the icing on the cake. I haven’t gotten to see Hong Kong except inside the airport where I always travel through to get to and from the Philippines from New York, but in just two more weeks, I’ll be riding an airplane to see a new Asian city and I’ll be doing it with someone I love.

For all those who are also in the midst of exams, don’t give up! We’re almost through it… just have some faith!

Hwaiting! (How Koreans say, “Fighting!” in their accent… haha)

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