Yes, we will continue to ride and ride until the journey ends. Was just listening to the track by Tommy Park from JYPe that was done for the opening of the Wonder Girls TV series. It’s an interesting song… and it goes along with a cooly edited video.

I feel like I’ve just been grinding each and everyday. When I say that I kind of mean that I feel like I’m still recovering from something. Even though I had the pleasure of enjoying a three-day weekend, it still didn’t seem like enough time to recover from everything. I still feel like there’s too much to do and too little time and I’m worried that things will catch up to me. There’s still too much to do… I feel inundated with things. So I’m feeling a little stressed.

I’ve resulted in watching some YouTube videos. Here’s a cool one of my brother who actually won a contest in Coney Island, NY a few weeks ago. Check it out. The guy definitely has moves.

Well I still got stuff to do but will actually destress a little bit. Gonna go do some cardio for a bit, read for a bit and then sleep. Tomorrow we have a slightly big lab to finish up in Physiology class.

Catch you guys later! xD

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