And no, not the good type of liquid…

This morning I got a really bad case of diarrhea. And it was the morning I was to go over my notes one more time before me Veterinary Medicine I exam today. Needless to say, because of my condition (which lasted a good part of the day), I didn’t attend class until I really had to leave my room to head to the exam. My mind was flustered, my head was aching and I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom like every 5 minutes. And the exam was a tad difficult… without my head fully in the game, it was just really hard to focus today.

I’m hoping that the next few days will turn out better. While I’m feeling somewhat relieved from my condition, I don’t think I’m 100% yet. I’m hoping that tomorrow will just fly by so I will have more time to recover.

I will leave you guys with a new music video done by a French Wonderful, Nicolas Khamsopha for producer Tommy Park of JYPE Entertainment. It’s the song “We Ride” and it’s the theme song to Mnet’s Made in Wonder Girls series, which is currently airing in South Korea. It’s an amazing piece of work and a pretty damn good song if you ask me, especially considering they only used old footage and media. Enjoy my dears.

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