My Junior Clinician Group!

Ah, these past three days have been really exhausting, but full of good things. On Friday me and my junior clinician group headed down to UP Diliman to finish up our first week of Companion Animal clinics at the teaching hospital. To tell you frankly, it was a lot of fun, but some of the clients that I dealt with weren’t really interested in their pets. We had some interesting cases, but I felt that the majority of people I talked with just spent most of their time texting instead of really thinking of their answers to my questions about the history. It kind of made me annoyed because for a lot of these animals, they had a lot of lesions that I can see were due just to neglect. Of course I couldn’t say anything about that to the client, but just tried to tell them that these things could be prevented in the future if better measures were taken. My partner this time was my friend Jean (but we call her Chacha) and most of the time we just did what we could. Fridays at the Diliman clinic aren’t as busy as you would think, but then again it seems that Saturdays are really the busiest days of all. I felt bad for the seniors that were above us because after we left, they said they would have to deal with 65+ cases without us.

Crazy Antics

Afterwards though, our seniors Jae, Elma and Toni took us out a Korean restaurant after clinics were over at around 5pm. We went to this place just off campus called Teacher’s Village to a lovely open restaurant called Donday. The restaurant had a lot of wooden tables, each with their own Korean BBQ grill built into them. Donday had a special of Korean BBQ and side-dishes and drinks… all unlimited for around 350P per person. Compared to what I would have to pay in the States for something similar to this I was shocked. 350P is basically just around $7 USD, which is extremely cheap for unlimited Korean BBQ.

Wonderful cats roaming around the clinic!

They had a bunch of delicious dishes including a lot of Kalbi (BBQ short ribs), Japchae (glass noodles), lettuce and sesame seed leaf to put the meat in, as well as some great sauces and roasted garlic.

Korean side dishes!

For the side dishes they had a lot of awesome things, such a lumpia shanghai, a nice sweet and sour chicken dish, roasted vegetables, tuna sushi, fried chicken, garlic rice and also this little scrumptious pumpkin fritter that was so simple but so good. I swear, I must’ve eaten at least 20 of those things that night. I really like sweet things, but this was naturally sweet and had a great taste to it, and in all of the Korean restaurants I’ve been to before I’ve never had something like that, so it was nice to taste it.

Korean BBQ

After dinner we were stuffed, but afterward the restaurant also supplied us with something they call ice candy, which is basically a plastic bottle filled with frozen sweet fruit juice. After eating so much it was just the thing to make us feel refreshed and make us not feel so full.

Ice candy!

Jae and his friends then took us to a Korean supermarket nearby where we took a look around at the ingredients and picked up some Korean ice cream for dessert. It was extremely yummy and I hope that we can do something like that next time.

The damage done after our meal.

Last night I arrived back here to Los Banos, but then I heard that my Physiology professor’s sister had just died so I had to attend a wake. It was a sad thing to go to after everything we did at UP Diliman, but Dr. Estacio is a great teacher and so I thought it would be good to go and support her. I hope she’s doing well now. They’ll be burying her sister later today.

So right now I gotta get going to study and eat some lunch later. I will catch up with you all soon. Until then, take care!

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  • Hey Jon,
    Seems like you’re working with a great group.
    Do you train with them for a long time?
    Donday served up a good meal…I could tell.
    And you look liked you enjoyed the ice candy :-))
    Make those little kitties feel better…
    Take care Jon ๐Ÿ˜Ž