Now, I know that at one point in your life you’ve probably heard this saying or at least something similar to that.  “Kids are the future…”  It has a catchy ring to it right?

Well, my blogger friend Kendra (who has just become a new doctor by the way), posted this video up awhile ago.  It’s a TED talk from awhile back.  I wondered why the girl in the opening screenshot looked so young and short… I thought at first maybe she was just one of those short girls.  But then I realized something–she wasn’t just short because she just happened to be short.  She was a kid!

This TED talk is not very long and it gets straight to the point. It’s about why we should value the younger generation and try to learn from them. Their ideals are the stuff dreams are made of yes, but every great idea that ever came to be started off as a dream.  If we don’t try to reach out and try to learn something from those ideals, when we may never be able to reach our full potential.

I was amazed at how Adora spoke. She is an amazing speaker and she is very young. And that standing ovation at the end was well deserved. Listen to what she says. Her point is valid and deserves to be heard. You can check out the video here:

I think we should all try to reach out to the younger generation. Too many restrictions really hampers their potential. And yes, we can all learn something from kids.

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  • Jon

    Thanks for posting it Kendra! I didn’t know that some kids were amazing speakers. This was a really inspiring talk. I hope many people learn from this.

  • Glad that you enjoyed this Ted talk as much as I did. I just watched it again on your site, and damn if it didn’t get me all teary eyed again. I’m such an emotional schlep! But her words are just so very true.