I’m finally back from Singapore! There’s a lot to say and I don’t think I have the energy to do it tonight, but I will come back and write a long post about it.

I actually flew in on Sunday around 2pm here back to Manila, but the last few days I’ve been trying to deal with things at the university like registering for classes and such. However, that has really been something crazy… I’ve been running around a lot trying to get things done but unfortunately registering for classes here is done manually. So that means I have to track down the professors and try to coax them to let me in the class. And it hasn’t been going so well. I’m trying to take PI100 which is a history course concerning the life and works of Joze Rizal. It’s a required course that I’m supposed to take before being able to graduate here at the University of the Philippines and I’m trying to take care of it this summer. There are a ton of people who are trying to get into that course and so I’m hoping that tomorrow morning when I try again to talk to the professor’s that they’ll let me in their section. I’m also going to be taking Pathology 3 I believe this summer, but that’s already on its way to being processed and confirmed.

So although class started Tuesday, I haven’t had anything to do except run around the university trying to get my forms signed and such. It seems that I’m not the only one with this predicament as many other vet med students seem to be vying for the same class. I just hope things work out for us.

Anyway, I should go and get some sleep. I’m really tired these days and I didn’t enough sleep while in Singapore because I did so much. I will let you guys know about that later though. Take care! ^_^

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