Well, I’ve been coding to make subtle changes to this site to make it work and I was working on the forum stylesheet and although it comes out perfectly well in Mozilla Firefox, it comes out terrible in IE. So my solution? You guys that are still using the security-vulnerable browser Internet Explorer, please stop… NOW.

I know all of the code I’m doing is pretty much correct, but I hate having to adjust it so that it’ll work in IE. I mean c’mon, who uses that damn browser anymore? The version of IE on my laptop is inundated with spyware and security holes as it is, and trust me, I take every precaution I can to prevent anything from entering my computer. But for some reason I’ll boot up IE one day and it’ll take me to some spam or porn site. I mean, geez, it doesn’t take a mastermind to know that IE just sucks butt. Not only that, but my freakin’ dual screen set up connected to my Dell Inspiron laptop keeps crashing. I open up a picture folder and it crashes. I turn on the screen and it crashes. I freakin’ boot up the computer and it crashes. I mean, seriously, WTF?!

Ugh, sorry guys. I’m not usually this way, but I do have a lot on my plate to deal with now, and I thought I would’ve been done updating this site a long time ago, so I could finish up the comic I had in store for you. But no, because of how IE decides to interpret my code I’ve wasted enough time as it is, and that just delays the comic for you guys even more. I have to apologize for that.

I should just go with what my fellow web-comic artist Hawk at Applegeeks says and just “Get a Mac.”

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