… okay, so not literally dying, but I think you get what I’m saying.  It’s getting pretty ridiculous.  I’ve come over the hump today with the amount of exams per day, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a bumpy ride.

So I had three exams today.  Pretty much back to back.  So three exams, yeah?  Surgery first, Equine Production second and Parasitology Lab Final last.

So I spent a lot of last night trying to cope with all the material I had to do for today. But I was up till 3am that morning working on 2 presentations with my group mates that were to be presented on Tuesday.  The presentations I did on Tuesday went well, but I didn’t get out of class until 6pm.  By the time I got home, had dinner and was ready to start studying it was 7pm.  I was already starting to crash at that point, and so I went over my Surgery notes once, and then crashed at around 9:30pm.  I slept until 7:30am today.  I really needed to recover.  And so starts the mad dash to cover the other two exams that I hadn’t studied yet which occurred this morning. There was a ton of material and I ended up only covering all of my surgery class but didn’t have that much time to cover the Parasitology laboratory material.

So I ended up taking the Surgery and Equine Production exams today which didn’t turn out to be much of a problem.  Then when I came to the Parasitology lab exam that’s when things got hectic.  As soon as I entered the room I started to blank.  For some of the gross specimens I knew I had seen them before, but I had a hard time recalling their names, which family and/or genus they were under, etc.  We only had about a minute to think about each thing and I was already drained from lack of sleep and trying to cram all the other stuff in my head.  I knew I got some answers correct, but it was still ridiculous. I hope that it went well.  But it probably didn’t… 😛

Anyway, I have about 71 pages of Microbiology to go over tonight, which of course I haven’t had time to really start on.  And yes, my test is tomorrow.  Which is great.  Really, it is. *sarcasm* :rotfl:

I’ve got two exams on Friday which are for Pathology lab and lecture. I’ve also got two exams this Saturday for Pharmacology lecture and laboratory. I’ve still gotta label my pictures with notes today.  Where will I find the time?

Alright, I gotta finish up dinner now and get started.  But yeah, wish me luck, ok?  Hehe… and thanks to my new readers who have sent me support. That means a lot to me that you guys are rooting for me.

See ya on the Flip side! :bye:

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