Cat Spay!

And it’s an ovariohysterectomy!

Gosh, I’m a little bit nervous because I’ll be the assistant surgeon in tomorrow’s operation. The one that will be leading the surgery is my friend Faye. I think she’ll do well, but of course since this will be our first surgery together we are afraid that something bad will happen. While this is a routine procedure in most veterinary hospitals, it will be our first time actually doing it, so naturally there’s a little apprehension there.  I trust Faye, and I’ve gone over her protocol.  She seems confident, the procedure seems logical and I support her all the way.  I do think she is prepared, but of course as the assistant, if anything goes wrong and incapacitates her during the procedure I will have to step in.

Since Faye is the main person during this procedure,  I am really in charge of closing up the wound after Faye is done ligating and removing the ovaries.  However my job will be important too.  If she does a good job, but I end up doing a bad job suturing the wound in place I risk dehiscence, which is the slipping of my sutures.  I don’t want that to happen, especially since tomorrow is Friday.  If anything should go wrong after tomorrow’s procedure, the teaching hospital here would be closed until Monday again, which means that we would have to find another clinic or place to go to try and fix the problem.  I really do hope that I do a good job tomorrow. I’ve seen this procedure done hundreds of times right in front of me, but this will be the first time I’ll actually be assisting and gowning up to actually perform it. I really hope that I do well tomorrow!

Anyway, I hope you all wish me the best!  I’m going to go study the protocol some more.  I hope I don’t forget how to do simple things like gloving tomorrow!

So I Spayed A Cat Today...